a bitch; girls; sometimes a fine bitch
lets get some beezies up in here.
by bbong January 30, 2006
a sluty girl that'll give up that pussy for nothing. bay area origins
Too $hort: what up you beezie.
Beezie: you just make me wanna give you my money.
by winkypinkystinky June 05, 2006
Made in Glendale, California. Meaning is obsolete, does not mean anyone or anything. Simply refers to an object or person.
You beezies wanna come?? - referring to people
Look at how green that beezie is. - referring to a turtle
by simplyyani December 13, 2005
bed..see fosheezie and heezie
i kicked the biznitch out my beezie fosheezie!
by big johnny July 09, 2002
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