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Another word for bitch, beyatch, biatch, beyotch or biyaatch. Popular with the kids.
"I know dat beezee didn't look at me wit her skank ass mascara"
by Jerry Tischleder June 11, 2008
To arrive for a trip at the last possible minute. At airports, this often results in TSA personnel pulling the person out of line and putting them in front.
"Look at that beezee, comes in at the last second and goes to the front of the line. I'm gonna come late next time."
by Scott Mansfield October 24, 2012
A white person on the brink of getting shot
Cracker Kyle, on his way from prep school with his baggy khakis and pressed, white polo shirt hanging 6 inches past his waist truely made Kyle a beezee, a wounded gazzelle on the Sarenghetti of the hood
by Ben F. Campbell May 19, 2007
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