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a smoke or a cigarette
Yo duece want to bang on this beeth out on the back deck right quick?
by Don Beeths May 16, 2007
Noun. A hard working "cunt mechanic" the beeth spends much of his/her day wearing tight pants and being snarky. On occasion, he has been known to fingerblast girls to tears.
Will: Yo, I'm such a beeth today.
Me: Yea, I heard that girl begging for mercy.
by Ms. Mayonnaise February 11, 2011
Balls (scrotum) and teeth.
You ever need to brush your teeth and scrub your balls at the same time? We just call that brushing your beeth.
by Tdogg427 July 30, 2010
The posh way of refering to beef.
Why Doris, you have outdone yourself with this splendid beeth joint.
by Ray Pist January 31, 2007
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