They are actually goggles that you get to mess around with in health class. Also known as drunk goggles. You put them on and they distort your vision just like if you were drunk! Its fun to play catch with them on, and a little dangerous.
Kid 1: "Did your class get to try out those beer goggles?"

Kid 2: "Hell yea. One kid tripped over a desk and cracked his head open."
by The Original HomeSkillet May 26, 2005
The strange appearance of contact lenses which elevate previously obnoxious multi warted hogs, to the status of worth having a go on.
"feels warm, smells nice, female... Good start, FUCK Me, i must of been wearing my beer Goggles, hope i had brewers droop, cus i'd hate to see the offspring of this one".
by stouffer March 04, 2003
a female that is completely hideous, but lots better the drunker you get... she becomes beer goggles at the state where you are so drunk you actually want to fuck her
this girl was way fine, but when i woke up next to her the next morning i realized that she was just beergoggles.
by joce November 10, 2002
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