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A hoe ranging from level 7 - level 10. Stronger hoe tendencies than a thot. Usually a team player. Or can simply be used as a substitute word for hoe or bitch.

Someone who thinks a relationship is for 2+1 people. A girl who has no problem fucking her best friend's nigga while they're all at church together.

A bum bitch.

A girl who will post a picture on instagram with her ass and titties out...and then call niggas thirsty for liking it.
A girl that will fuck you, and then fuck your brother AND your sister the very same day.

Johnny: See that girl? I fucked her this morning ;)

Arkayla: Slap it?? She just rode my strap

Johnny: Damnn shorty a beeno!
by Elijah Muhammad January 05, 2014
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