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Disrespectful slang for Mexican.
Look at that beener trying to cross the border!
by Evan Parsons July 20, 2005
A hate word used to describe Mexican or Spanish people. Usually used against illegal mexican aliens.
"Those beeners are takin' our jobs!"

"Go eat a taco you damn beener!"
by Kyle Kuhn May 30, 2005
another name for a mexican
That beener is a spic!
by OceanSpawned July 24, 2005
A beener is someone who was good but isn't anymore. A Wannabe wants to be good at something, a beener actually was good once.
Watch out for that old dude over there, he's no beener
by xcheck 666 January 03, 2015
A hate word used against Mexicans or Spanish people. Usually refers to mexicans that immigrate into the U.S. and are illegal aliens.
"Those damn beeners won't stop taking our jobs!"
"Go eat a burrito you beener!"
by Kyle Kuhn May 26, 2005
When a woman gives a guy head or a blowjob. It is a common goal of high school students until they realize that it doesn't matter because sex is way better. NOTE: this is not the slang for mexican
Pat: I've been trying to get a beener now for three years.
Chris: dude sex is way better
Pat: nah that's impossible man beeners are mad cool
by DILLON!!!! January 12, 2011
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