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i.Pleasing or attractive in a graceful or delicate way.See synonyms at beautiful.
ii.Has the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree.
iii.Small, slender, and trim.
i. Wow that is totally beejal!
ii. I got 100% in my exam, Im very beejal
iii. Your waist is so beejal
#bijal #beejali #bijali #bee #beej
by fromage frais April 21, 2006
7 Words related to beejal
1. One who is completely incapable of programming in C.
2. Vertically Challenged.
3. Makes chai in a microwave.
4. Makes chai in a microwave to the utter disbelief of the guju's around her.
5. Smells like feet.
Guy 1: Hey, dude, do you know Beejal?
Guy 2: Wait, What? Is she that girl with the foot fungus?
Guy 1: Yea..
Guy 2: Haha.
by Weejal December 08, 2004
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