A chunky man with no respect for woman, health, or life in general... Otherwise known as shaun anderson...
A gay or fat man who loves a meatloaf, a beefcake loves anal sex
by meatloaf103h April 24, 2011
A bunch of emo faggots that call themselves "scene" they're often seen at the macy's girls section buying jeans that are "HxC" and sizes too small and also can be seen at emo shows pretending to dance and hanging around meth addict girls
Did you hear about those faggots called beefcake?
by Kevin408 May 05, 2008
the art of clobbering your partner with your wang, continously smacking her across the face and dominating her with your dick. by the end of this she should have mushrooms all over her face.
"Geez alex why did you have to beefcake me? my face stings so much." EE
by Heavy FLow January 29, 2008
The act of shooting your bowl of ganja out of the pipe, bong, or smoking device by coughing while taking a fat ass rip.
AKA - buffalo fart
Serious breach in protocol during a smoke out session, a person who beefcakes his bowl should be punched hard in the arm a number of times.
Ahh what the hell man, you beefcaked it!
by ColdCutStyle August 09, 2004
One who can also be a cunt.. (see definition of cunt)
that beefcake was gay
by beefcake1980 January 08, 2008
one large individual
man that guy is a beefcake
by b33fcake July 08, 2003
A pretentious clan of idiotic teens and immature young adults who listen to the talentless music that is called hardcore.
They are arrogant and most are not friendly to others out side the "scene." Liked by few and feared by even less, the seem to think the are the shit.

"Dude I'm so br00t4l! Beefcake!"
by Cast March 05, 2008

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