What a person becomes after trying weight gain 4000
Eric used weight gain 4000 and is now a beef cake
by Demonwalrus93 December 04, 2007
Owning someone or something with excessive-ness
If this guy gets to close I'm gona BEEFCAKE him
by zer0face January 02, 2011
The term "beefcake" originated because some guys sit in the sun too long and wind up smelling like burning roasts
Check out the beefcake the shirtless guy section in "Cosmopolitan" this month!
by rudie September 22, 2005
a fat kid who plays video games for his time off,rathers video games then hanging out with friends,stays home in his mom's basement
a beefcake thinks they have muscle but are fat and wont admit it.
by beefcake565 April 26, 2008
408 Bay Ar3a!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEUHHHH! BOYYY!
Look at that hadcore beefcake in the bay!
by HAHAH[: November 27, 2007
The act of shooting your bowl of ganja out of the pipe, bong, or smoking device by coughing while taking a fat ass rip.
AKA - buffalo fart
Serious breach in protocol during a smoke out session, a person who beefcakes his bowl should be punched hard in the arm a number of times.
Ahh what the hell man, you beefcaked it!
by ColdCutStyle August 09, 2004
to become overweight or buff
i am such a beefcake i can't fit through the door
by cartmen December 14, 1999

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