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(n)- A large dick.

monster horse cock
James: Dude, I got to eat pussy, ya' know?
Andy: No, man, I don't know. Why?
James: Well I'm not exactly carrying a beef log around to impress the ladies.
by Niko Bettoli April 30, 2008
n. pl. (BeefLogs)

1. A Naturally Enormous Flesh Of Meat Belonging To The Penis Family.

2. A Part Of The Male Anatomy Of Any Race Who Is Found Well Endowed.

3. Cannot Be Protected With Any Prophylactic Smaller Than A Magnum XL.

4. Will Cause Normal Civilian Women And/Or Men To Become Insanely Jealous, Possessive And Chronic Personal Voicemail/Email Hackers During And After Sexual Relations.

5. Causes Immense Jaw Muscle Pain Immediately Following Oral Entertainment.

6. Often Nicknamed "The Third Leg."
"Giiiiiirl, We Had A Great Time Last Night! And The Beef Log Was OFF THE HOOK!"
by Imrov Queen Domingo October 29, 2012
The word derived from a middle school convo during break at the bathroom.
Dude I gotta drop a beeflog real quick lemme call you back!
by Bogie March 20, 2005
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