When a girl has had too much sex, her Vulva usually resembles beef curtains.
"I bet that slut's vagina looks like beef curtains!"
"Her beef cutains flap in the wind!"
by Paulaa February 19, 2007
when the flesh of one's belly is able to hang over either their pants/ underclothing, and sometimes the cases are so extreme that it hangs over the dick...yes, very scary.
uh oh, do you have anything under that beef curtain?

wow, his beef curtain is so sexy!

I don't know what the fuck this is...crazy
Damn check this beef curtain! It's sweetaction!
by Amanda and Jackie January 29, 2003
A foolish, over-sensetive person.
Don't be such a beef curtain!
by afokenr March 25, 2003

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