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a person whose face is distinct. the person is sometimes just known for stewin' around. minding his/her own business. a person who spreads their beef on others.

also can be called as brothy.
wow, she's so brothy.

what a beef broth.
by charlottegoodpants December 10, 2010
Beef broth is a nickname for someone who is so bland, it's not even funny. This term can apply to looks or personality. People called beef broth can also be intolerant and close-minded, basically people you don't want to hang with.
Who cares about Ginny? She's such a beef broth! Hermione's where it's at.
by charring December 15, 2010
When you put your penis in a pot of another man's boiling cum (1cup), piss (1pint), blood (1quart) and a pinch of puss. Ensure the mix is stirred throroughly with another man's penis.

(Serves 4)
Best eaten with dick-cheese.
1) Yummy beef broth.
by JAJISS August 05, 2008