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The feeling one has after getting out of the ocean with a suit full of sand.
Man, I need to get a tighter bathing suit because this beech-nut is killing me!
by Original Fat Kid January 19, 2005
While your friend (preferably a guy) is sleeping, aggressively swipe the warm, moist, pungent smelling area between your ball sack and your upper inner thigh with your index finger. Proceed to swipe that same index finger down your sleeping friend's philtrum (the vertical depression between the nose and upper lip). Similar to Vick's Vapo Rub, your friend will inhale this scent all night long.
Being too lazy to perform the Abe Lincoln and not wanting to risk being caught tea bagging Steve, Hayden gave him the less-intrusive, longer-lasting beechnut instead.
by Big Dork Socks March 24, 2010
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