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Something extremely cute and/or cuddly.
Aww, your new puppy is such a beeb!
by cptoctokayla March 07, 2008
used like babe, but actually a cute nickname for someone you like/love.
hey beeb.
love youuu beeb.
by AbbyAbby December 01, 2005
a rare species of cuties, only two are known to exist on the planet
1 "hey beeb"
2 "hey little cutie!"
by sneb June 29, 2012
Stage in a relationship between girlfriend/boyfriend and fiancee. Also can be pet name for the love of your life
Me and my Beeb are going to Denver for Thanksgiving to visit my family.
by Uconnman89 November 10, 2010
Technically a mythical hand-shapped langolier spider-monkey vampire creepee teevee that can fly, swim, scurry, squirm, slither, slide and step with it's outermost legs like a gorilla up to infinity miles per hour, has the ability to time-travel, walk and run on water, fall from great heights to smash victims, and methodically camouflage or morph into a human's hand, thumb-up, or other less observed disguises while simultaneously sliding across surfaces such as humans' arms and car dashboards without being detected by creeves. A beeb has been only been detected by technically two humans ever, Jeeb and Meeb, at various locations around the world (e.g. the college inn, seattle space needle, coronado).
"oh-my-gosh, what's that!" "ooh-my-gosh that's technically the most dangerous seasonal beeb in the state of oregon"

"oh hey beeb what's up?"

"hi, it's beeb with slap chop"

"creepee sweevee beebee beeb"
by Meebee Teev October 27, 2009
Pet name for the person you love the most and/or your best friend.
1: Hey Beeb what's crackin'?

2: I love you beeb :)

3: Jesus Christ beeb, mind your knees. You might injure them if you fall on them. I suggest knee pads. Safety first you know.

4: Oh beeb, I just wanna eat ya up with a spoo-in.
by TescoChickenWings February 08, 2014
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