1. One saddled with unhelpful bowels.

2. A tribe of indie centred around the piano-centric stylings of Coldplay and various copyists, e.g. Snow Patrol, Athlete, Embrace, James Blunt, Starsailor, Travis. Named by that respected and affable pillar of the musical community that is Liam Gallagher, they are generally associated with sensitivity, scarves and limp wrists.
1. "Better not put the good sheets down whilst Gran is around, Darren. She's a bedwetter and sensitive to that sort of thing."

2. "Better not put Rage Against The Machine on whilst Hubert is around, Darren. He's a bedwetter and sensitive to that sort of thing."
by Parsefone December 05, 2005
A person who must get the advice of someone else to make a decision when the choice is obvious. Usually lives in Mom's basement.
Manny could have had sex with a totally hot chick tonight, but instead went home to play X-Box online, what a bed-wetter.
by The Oracle- Why wouldn't ya May 19, 2010
Term to refer to someone who, well past their teenage years, exhibits a behavior that they should have outgrown by now
Look at the bedwetter driving the Mustang 5.0.

God, I wish he would just grow up. He's such a bedwetter when it comes to relationships
by dblack140 May 18, 2008
a person who ruins a good time for other people.
that bedwetter called the cops on us man
by sick December 15, 2003
the biggie pink lemonade at wendy's
I'd like some nuggets, a bowl of chili, a junior bacon plain, and a bed wetter por favor.
by lint538 May 12, 2005
Mostly vodka, or any large-format beverage containing a high percentage of grain alcohol.
Give me a bedwetter, and just splash a little kool-aid in there, buddy.

I had three Big Gulp bedwetters last night and I woke up this morning with my dick in the dirt.
by Mark Soutter September 18, 2006

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