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A specially shaped container for people who cannot leave their bed to defecate ('poop') or urinate ('pee') into. Bedpans are usually made of plastic or metal.
When Sally was in hospital with two broken legs, she had to stay in bed. When she wanted to go to the toilet, the nurse put a bedpan under her bottom. Sally peed and pooped into the bedpan.
by Boris2 February 25, 2009
a phrase for a woman who puts on a facade to "gold-dig"
shiny, full of crap, and best when dumped.
guy:Yea I know Natalia, shes a bed pan.
dude: totally, shes only interested in getting her claws in a rich guy.

example: Anna Nicole Smith, amoung many others
by lynzahh4 November 30, 2006
You don't have a bed pan. YEAH!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
A woman who trolls hospitals looking to land a husband, usually a Doctor.
Someone who is shiny and full of crap, best when dumped.
Did you see that new nurse on the 3rd floor?
What a bed pan!
by titagidge June 03, 2007
bed pan: An entertaining party game in which two players, standing on adjacent beds, try and knock the other player off of the bed. The first player to touch the ground, with any part of his/her body, loses. Usually takes place in the form of a tournament and in the company of friends. Variations can include: Team mode, water and/or vibrating bed mode, and, if so inclined, nude mode.
Wow, Guillaume is the bed pan master!
by o mastigia November 12, 2005

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