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Crumbs of food (e.g. bread, cookies, cake) found on someone's bed.

Formed from combination of the words "bed" and "breadcrumbs."
She couldn't sleep because of all the bedcrumbs around her feet.

bed bread crumb breadcrumb cookie cake
by ROCKintheCDA January 18, 2009
Blanket fuzz and other particles found in your hair after sleeping or laying in bed. Most common first thing in the morning after a good nights sleep.
Person: "You have a fuzz in your hair."

Me: "Oh, it's just bed crumbs. I should probably shower."
by PDilla December 30, 2011
small fragments of miscellaneous particles found in between the sheets of an untidy bed.
bed crumbs can be caused by a number of things, such as
-eating in bed
-dumping glitter on your sheets
-letting homeless people sleep in your bed
-being slutty
(often found in the beds of sloppy people and college dormitories)
-When you're eating puff pastries in bed, and later that night, you're sleeping in a pile of irritating globs of food - bed crumbs!

-When someone has been walking outside barefoot, then climbs underneath your covers, and shards of dirt, sand and dry leaves are transferred to your freshly made bed - bed crumbs!

Use it in a sentence!
-"Don't put your feet on my bed, I don't want any bed crumbs."
-"Ew! Someone was eating applesauce in my bed, and now I have stinky bed crumbs!"
-"You know it's time to wash your sheets when you start to get bed crumbs."
by MichAlva February 18, 2009
little crumbs of a hard food such as crackers that have fallen in your bed that cause extreme discomfort when sleeping.
damn, these bed crumbs are uncomfortable.
by tonskie July 12, 2014
Noun. Bread crumbs whose natural habitat is your girlfriend's cosy bed, rather than the bread bag, so as to annoy the hell out of the both of you.
Honey, there's something prickling me under the covers. Do you think it's another handful of your famous bed crumbs?
by lady dlytful August 22, 2010

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