Taking the name of the ancient greek god of the scrotum "Bedacles"(beh-da-klees), this word for testicles or balls should not be used in mixed company. Instead, the more formal word bedous (beh-dooz) should be substitued.
"You've got some set of bedacles, Bill!"

"Aren't Bill's bedous hairy, Gloria?"
by POL August 12, 2003
Top Definition
verb...The act of castration, or removal of the testacles (bedacles)
I caught Bill with my wife so I grabbed the meat cleaver and bedacled him!
by Frank Del August 12, 2003
Slang word for testicles or balls, derived from the name of the greek god of the scrotum, Bedacles,(the god's name is pronounced bed-a-klees...the slang pronunciation is below.)
"You've got some set of bedacles, Bill!"
by Pol August 11, 2003
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