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verb...The act of castration, or removal of the testacles (bedacles)
I caught Bill with my wife so I grabbed the meat cleaver and bedacled him!
by Frank Del August 12, 2003
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Taking the name of the ancient greek god of the scrotum "Bedacles"(beh-da-klees), this word for testicles or balls should not be used in mixed company. Instead, the more formal word bedous (beh-dooz) should be substitued.
"You've got some set of bedacles, Bill!"

"Aren't Bill's bedous hairy, Gloria?"
by POL August 12, 2003
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Slang word for testicles or balls, derived from the name of the greek god of the scrotum, Bedacles,(the god's name is pronounced bed-a-klees...the slang pronunciation is below.)
"You've got some set of bedacles, Bill!"
by Pol August 11, 2003
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