racist term for asians refering to their eyes
"Hey Bob i need help with my math."
"I'm sorry i only know up to advaced calculus, why dont you go ask bed time for some help."
by Samuel Wyss May 22, 2008
A period ranging from 0:00:00 to 23:59:59 depending on age, gender, marital status, amound of homework, inebriation, and many other factors. Often simply defined as the tome one goes to bed, although there is some dispute as to whether this meant getting into bed or actaully turning out the lights, closing the eyes and attempting to sleep.
by blii February 20, 2003
verb-A couple's favorite part of the honeymoon
Fred: How was the honeymoon?
Ted: Good, we had a lot of bedtime ;)
by Dah Boss February 02, 2010
anytime your eyes are burning after 12am.
You: I think it's enough BF playing for now, my eyes are burning =/
Friend: Well, it is 5am.. Guess its bedtime then...
You: Yes, gdnite :)
Friend: nighty
by w00dy January 16, 2005
that time of the day when you must rest your little head and go to sleep; the time when you most want to be awake.
It is bedtime...I hate my life.
by hotchick317 July 31, 2005

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