a nickname for soccer star, David Beckham. He and his wife are infamously known as "Posh and Becks."
Dang, Becks is a very hot man. I wonder what Posh and Becks kids look like!
by Bran May 23, 2004
Top Definition
A guy who specializes in using video game sound effects in his music, as well as random phrases in Spanish.

But all in all, a very good musician.
"Soy un perdedor...I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?"
by AnarchyStar March 16, 2005
An incredible badass who makes incredible badass music.
I am so gay for Beck.
by David. April 19, 2005
Beck is one of te greatest musicians of all time, he has used sound effects in his songs such as annoying noises, video game sound effects, that sort of thing. over they years beck has made many awesome albums to name a few... Odelay, Guero.
Beck, is my favorite band, he has written awesome songs.
by Chester April 05, 2005
a) An amazing musical chameleon who can do ANYTHING!
b) the epitome of hot
I love Beck.
And I'm a guy.
by Guero September 11, 2005
An Awesome artist known for his funky beats and mixture of all musics
but, does not get a lot of recognition from the main stream
"My sun-eyed girl, hey, my sun-eyed guurrrllllll
by Willie the Great May 20, 2005
A very talented musician. Uses lots of spanish and random sound effects. My favorite song, E-Pro. My second favorite, Where It's At. Also the mysterious song "Girl" which nobody knows the real refrain lyrics to. In the liner notes it says "Hey my ... girl" Thanks a lot Beck. People think that it could be: sun-eyed, summer, cyanide, cyan eyed, sinner, etc. I think it's cyan eyed or cyanide.

Odelay and Guero are great albums.
Beck is cool. He's only 5'7" but he's cool.
by bowser724 August 30, 2005
Beck is the best musician ever. I love him so much and he's sexy as fuck. Dead sexy...yeah. Beck is my god.
I got two turntables and a microphone....du du du du du...makeout city's a two-horse town
by the biggest beck fan ever April 08, 2005
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