german beer...mmmm
WHERE IS THE BECKS? i'm not drinking this molson candian shit!
by coca October 21, 2003
An amazing musical chameleon that manages to change his sound with each different record. Beck's music can be broadly defined as 'alternative rock'. Some amazing Beck albums are Odelay, Mutations ,Seachange, Guero and Midnite Vultures.
Beck is the only man I know who can wear pink jeans and still look sexy.
Beck is the only white man I know who can actually dance.
Beck is a musical revolutionary.
by Anna June 17, 2006
The most popular German beer brewed by in Bremen.
It won the title of the best beer in the world twice, once in Philadelphia 1876 and in it's hometown Bremen 1874.
Undoubtedly the most mouth-watering beer in the universe.
It also has its own brotherhood called the Becksbruderschaft.
Dude: other than Becks tastes good, too.
Becksbruder: SLAP
by Toni Goldschmidt March 24, 2006
one of the moste incredible artists of the the last 2 decades. he writes mesmirizing songs with fantastic rythem, astonishing meodies, and truly original lyrics. a pioneer of modern music and an insperation to songwriters everywhere.
dude! turn it up! beck kicks ass
by redbellypirahna August 10, 2006
Yeah, thats what I call a beer.
I want becks, now, suddenly, give me becks
by Reg July 30, 2004
1. Something which belongs to badass musician, Beck.

2. A lovely beer. Supposedly German in origin, tragically brewed 'under liscence' all over the place.
1. "Yo, don't be touchin' that shit, that's Becks."

2. "Beck is a fine brew. A bit of a pity it isn't from Germany, where it's roots lie, because it's brewed in the country of sale because it's cheaper to do so."
by tea chest January 27, 2006
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