A person who spells the word "idiot" as "idjit", which is very confusing for me.
WTF does idjit mean?
by W_Capone February 26, 2005
Smart and idiotic. Brilliant to mundane. He can offer sharp debates as well as low-brow humor.
-Beck- is one happening dude.
by Scribble February 17, 2005
A verb which means to proposition to and complete the action of trading an article of clothing with a stranger or a person that person you've just met, while in a public place.

Derived from Beck

Origins: Molly's sister's friend attempted (but failed) to trade shirts with Beck after she saw him in concert.
I was at a random party and there was a guy in the kitchen wearing an epic sweater with sheep on it, and I totally becked it from him.
by exotic_wednesday February 03, 2010
A person with the name Beck is a Swedish Person🇸🇪 That is amazing at COD BO2. Beck is knows as a "Sniper" and "trickshots noobs" for fun.
Beck is a amazing sniper
by Why is my name taken. May 08, 2015
A rich, spoilt teenager who wears Tiffany, Morgan, Jane Norman, Kookai e.t.c. Usually wears fake nails, with too much foundation, which is sometimes orange. Says "Omigod" alot, and often puts on a whiney voice to gain attention. They often chew gum.
Beck 1: "Omigod i SO want that top."
Beck 2: "Babe, that is SO not your colour!"
by Gabby Louse August 17, 2006
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