Yorkshire word for a stream or very small river.
May: See there the beck runs through the valley.

Pete: So can you get boats down there then?

May: Boats? You can't get swans down it!
by Dovefield November 03, 2009
Smart and idiotic. Brilliant to mundane. He can offer sharp debates as well as low-brow humor.
-Beck- is one happening dude.
by Scribble February 17, 2005
the american version of Manu Chao
"where it's at" - song by Beck
by gonello December 09, 2013
1: A cool Kid who everyone wants to be or be with. Beck is a smart funny and athletic guy who is a great friend/ boyfriends.
2: A very talented musician who has great songs
1:Guy: It's my first day of school I hope I make friends with a Beck.
2:Guy: I wish I was lucky enough to be a Beck.
3:Musician: I wish I rocked like Beck
by Qualik January 08, 2013
Used instead of "back" by young white women who listen to too much rap.
"Be right beck."

"Get beck et me."
by 3SnapzNaZ January 05, 2013
A rich, spoilt teenager who wears Tiffany, Morgan, Jane Norman, Kookai e.t.c. Usually wears fake nails, with too much foundation, which is sometimes orange. Says "Omigod" alot, and often puts on a whiney voice to gain attention. They often chew gum.
Beck 1: "Omigod i SO want that top."
Beck 2: "Babe, that is SO not your colour!"
by Gabby Louse August 17, 2006
verb - getting sexed by a fat/older and possibly married woman.

created after the historical moment and jordan middle school when a teacher, Mrs. Beck, turned herself in for having sexual relations with a 14-year-old student.
"Dude i was so drunk last night i got becked!"

"You've told me this story every day this week...are you sure you're getting drunk everynight?"
by PhirrupAn March 09, 2010

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