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This is how the person that defined baccamorte should have spelled the word. This is usually a result of hearing a word pronounced by a person that has no business talking Italian.

In any case, a beccamorto was a person during the middle ages that used to inflict pain, via a forceful bite to the finger or toe of a presumed deceaded person to ascertain whether or not they were indeed dead. This during the middleages when the life span of man was around 40-45 year and sanitation almost non-existant.

In short, "becca" = to beak, that is, to bite and "morto" = dead. To beak the dead (to find out whether they're really dead following a forceful bite to a finger or toe.)

Use beccamorto to describe someone that does not take care of their own appearance, holds a dubious role in society, looks like a stunned mullet, et cetera et cetera
Luigi, call the beccamorto - Casanova's carriage has just run over that fishwife.

Man, look at that miscegenated wigger with his pants around his arse - what a beccamorto.
by Pietro S May 14, 2006
Beccamorto is an insult used in and after ww2 for people who profited through stealing from corpses. Translates approx to pick from the dead
Vatene beccamorto!
by Oyibo March 15, 2012

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