Pronounced like "Beebs"

1. Rebecka Anne; a person WAY cooler than your face and feet.

2. Optistmic and sunny, talks alot. Enjoys people.
"Hai Bebs, being sunny today?"
by Genevieve Marie December 21, 2008
alcoholic drinks that get you buzzed
The bebs made the party hella dope.
by tipsy September 25, 2004
A term of endearment for a significant other coined by annoyingly clingy and insecure women. Usually the girls name is either Amy or Tammy.
I love you so much beb

I want to squeeze you beb
by datruthhurtz January 19, 2011
also known as THE BEBS (aka Bebo), a flambouyant homosexual, founder of Bebism; studied in Bebology"
Bebs is always outside Starbucks, readin his corny ass muthafuckin books sippin fuckin fruity lattes.
by HARD May 27, 2004
Referring to the most average, obnoxious, illiterate and slutty girl, that usually attends a catholic highschool - commonly used as the short form of "babe".
1. Damn, that Laura girl is a total beb!

2. That group of girls from MTS are total bebs!
by kwis:) November 24, 2010
an acronym for Brown Eyed Beauty
Wow! Look at that girl over there with the brown eyes, she's definatley a beb.
by Stargaze December 16, 2008
An online acronym, useful for when "BRB," or "be right back," does not accurately reflect the magnitude of time you will be away from your keyboard.
"Crap, the cat's on fire. BEB."

...five hours later...

"Back! Don't you hate the stench of burnt cat hair?"
by yetanother January 12, 2010

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