A Man wearing a skarf and singing a *Nsync song. He may look gay, but your wrong hes a straight hockey stick.
"Hey Dude, look at the beaver."
by SoSaysHim December 06, 2006
someone (usually a female) who sucks on a mans penis, his wood, ergo she is a beaver
mary: i chewed on his cock last night
Lois: ew you beaver
by waldobillybob August 15, 2006
A woman's stinkhole, kunt, or cooter. Sometimes smells like Mexican fast food, or even tunafish.
"Smells like Seven Layers....that beaver eats Taco Bell!" - Les Claypool
by Colonel Turdburglar August 25, 2005
when a lady has the friggin hairiest snatch imaginable, itz so bad that it can be seen hangin out of bikini's, and skirts, this is quite disgusting and noone wants to put their hand down there for fear that it may not come back in one peice; the hair may also resemble a small ecosystem filled with racoons
dam, did u see the BEAV her hair gets worse ever day
by dont like BEAV May 31, 2005
Leaking orifice, such as a mouth or a vagina. From the French word bave, which means dribble.

The animal is called a beaver because of a white patch around its mouth, which resembles semen.
by quelist June 08, 2006
Cambridge slang for masturbating, normally involving a small vibrator.
Hey Al, did you have a good beaver last night?
by Jim McFinn March 18, 2006
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