The exposed skin between the bottom of the shirt and the top of the pants... quite repulsive in many cases.
Get that beavage covered up, or the beavage police will have to give you a citation!
by Riel October 22, 2004
Top Definition
The first two defintion fail to note that "beavage" is a combination of "beaver" and "cleavage," and is thus a synonym for camel toe.
Her jeans were on so tight I could see her beavage.
by lemony lickit October 15, 2005
the cleavage of a woman's external genitalia.
"Look at that beavage."
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
And none of them really have a good example...
Beavage: The display, through cloth or clothing, of the major labia of the vagina. See also (as noted below) camel toe. Combination of the terms Beaver (Slang for Vagina, and also a furry woodland creature that spends much of its life wet, and is hunted for its soft pelt) and Cleavage (the gap or cleft between two mounds of flesh, such as breasts).
Sweaty but trimphant, Robyn finished her first yoga class and turned from the flattering gaze of the attractive instructor. Her sense of well-being, however, was short lived. As she passed the mirrors, she realized that the object of the instuctor's gaze had not been her consciously tightened tummy, but rather the stupendous beavage revealed by her new yoga shorts.
by Tom Jones Jr. February 14, 2007
The equivalent of cleavage only the vagina.
"Damn, that girl's skirt was so short I saw beavage!"
by Salmiss September 16, 2008
Butt cleavage: what shows when one's pants are lower than pants should be.
Make sure your low-rise jeans don't show beavage when you sit down.
by Acushla January 26, 2010
Beavage is a classier way to describe a "camel-toe". It's the cleavage for the lower half of the female body.
"Why Susan, your beavage looks stunning this evening. Those pants must be 2...3 sizes too small."
by The Brick Ferrara November 07, 2013
The equvilant to womens cleavage. When a man wears shorts and sits down where his balls are visible from the opening at the bottom of his shorts.
@the beach, in gym class and or the gym. His beavage is showing.
by Diack October 11, 2010
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