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men who get botox injections who want to look younger.
Man, did you see Clint Eastwood? He got beautox.
by barba0782 February 28, 2005
Verb or Noun. Verb: Being intoxicated by one's beau (boyfriend)...can't eat, sleep, or think straight because either one is totally infatuated/in love with OR because one is totally sickened by one's man. This word can go either way.
I am so crazy about my new boyfriend (beau) that when he's around me I have a horrible case of BEAUTOX...can't eat, sleep or function properly. OR....My boyfriend is such an asshole that when I'm around him I feel intoxicated with illness, therefore I'm totally BEAUTOXed.
by annieoakley120 December 13, 2010
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