A character from the Chappelle's Show sketch 'The Playa Hata's Ball'. Featuring wicked sweet Jheri Curls, Hairspray and a sparkly outfit, Beautiful is played by Donnell Rawlings.
Beautiful: Hitlers mama got one big titty and one little titty, and they call the bitch Biggie Smalls!
by Syntra September 20, 2008
The love you have for your one and only
by Bellerina August 12, 2003
Beautiful is everything you are. Being beautiful on the inside is more important then what is on the outside. Beauty is unique, you are different to everyone else which makes you beautiful in your own way.
She is the most beautiful girl in the world, on the inside and out.
by Olivia5SOS April 10, 2015
Everyone is beautiful!
by Rainy Reader April 08, 2015
The person reading this.
I don't care if you don't think its true, you needed to hear it, because look in the mirror - you're beautiful.
by Your smile looks great on you! April 06, 2015
Ginger is so beautiful
by Gage Olszak January 10, 2015
When you look at a person and it makes you want to believe that perhaps angels do exist.
Have you seen Aubrie? She's so beautiful. :)
by Aubrie_is_awesome January 05, 2015

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