One of the most awesome stores in downtown Belleville, Illinois. Specialized in shirts printed with:
-Belleville East High School Lancers
-Belleville West High School Maroons
-Keep East Saint Louis Beautiful
-I <3 Belleville/O'fallon/Alton, Illinois
and of course home of the Rocket, the funniest faux newspaper around!
Person 1: It sux that we have to wear dress code now
Person 2: i know, i went to beatniks to get my dress code compliant BEAST hoodie!
#belleville #illinois #belleville east #belleville west #southern illinois #downtown belleville
by Liliuokalani May 30, 2008
as the first person said, pre-date hippies by about 20 years, were interested in poetry, art, literature.
On the Road, by Jack Keourack, if thats how its spelled.
by Random April 06, 2004
Someone who is beat by society, someone
at the bottom of the bucket.Someone
who has been down so long it looks like
up.A part of the lost generation. A cool
cat,a beatnik, man.
hey that cat is hip, he his cool man
he is a beatnik can't go no further
by leaf August 24, 2004
a misogynist pop culture of the 1950's.
by fretter June 04, 2003
A beatnik is an idiot.
Someone who thinks (or thought) it was the cool thing to drink coffee and recite poetry in between impatiently waiting for some other beatnik to finish reading his own shit poems and give the cue for your turn.
As Bukowski said of them at a party - 'I disliked them all immediately, sitting around acting clever and superior. They nullified each other.'
Idiot: Dude, that chick who hangs out at the coffee house and the gallery all day is sooo cool. She's like a total beatnik.
Other: No, she's an idiot.
#idiot #waster #overpriced coffee #bad poetry #pseudo-intellectual
by Seamus0232 February 03, 2007
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