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a 50's group of young men after the war looking for atction and excitement, created art and roamed around countries looking for truth, were taught by zen Buddhist, ate Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwhiches. they were, as Cassidy would say "It". Their poetry often resembles Rimbaud, Blake and Whitman.
Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, Huncke and Cassidy headed for San fransico with a napsack and a thumb.
by marcu$ July 26, 2004
a very cool cat that enjoys classical rock, german expressionalism and bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.
"Brad in the corner is one drubble hip popper, over there listening to some 'Rolling Stones' and thinking about 'Metropolis' and 'Blade Runner' and also eating a bacon, egg and cheese sandwhich"
by marcu$ May 03, 2004
a game plan for a night of mischeif

taken from Clockwork Orange's "Baratoox"
"Yo Gabrizzio what is the Baratookytooky for trashing Bad Boss Jenkins house?"
by marcu$ May 03, 2004
Phillip K Dick book, a man or woman who takes everyday materials and try to pronounce it with art
the crap artist made his meal of bacon and eggs into a smiley face to show an extensionalist look of hell
by marcu$ May 03, 2004
a womans breasts/bosom/boobs/pineapples.
here she comes, oh Boy! look at those jonkers!!
by Marcu$ March 22, 2005
artistic being, your artistic aura sometimes sent by divine inspiration or puppy love, but mostly sent by paranormal thoughts
"my slap and stick is being good today with the Roswell happenings"
by marcu$ May 03, 2004

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