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A small black midget that had no idea what he says half the time
see Howard Stern
by el dangeroso September 06, 2003
A person (jessicalovesjonesy) off of TSN (TheStreetNetwork) who has quickly found acceptance and love rather quickly from TSN regulars such as Zotz, 6Raining6Blood6, as well as others, and secured a spot in the TSN royalty.

The name was created by Zotz who thought her striped shirt and checkered hair band made her look like the character of the same name.
Beatlejuice is here!
by Beatlejuice, the one and only March 15, 2008
A man's sperm or ejaculation. You can only use it if you call your penis the lennon, or any Beatle really.
Girl: i need your beatle juice now take out the lennon, so i can get a good night sleep.
Boy: Hey, Whatever gets you through the night.
by Mr. 301 July 15, 2008
When certain people think that an object is high design, but is actually tacky. (ie. a chair with a wavy back, those martini glasses with the zigzag. All the furniture in the movie Beatlejuice.)
Joan really loved her new lamp, but we all knew it was pure Beatlejuice.
by C. Linden September 13, 2006
noun. Slang term for LSD. Named after the Beatles usage of the drug.
"You want to take some Beatle Juice?"
by Lennarrissartney September 05, 2013
At the point when a male/female is eating a girl out and she has her menstral period in their mouth.
"Fuck man, i was eating Peggy out and she fucking beatle juiced!"
"Did you hear Mildrid beatle juiced in Donalds mouth."
"Beatle juice tastes sour, kind of like the puke tasteing jelly beans. Sometimes it's chunky and flakes of hard pieces get caught in my braces."
by Mia Queefington November 04, 2007
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