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To beat the pussy up;to knock the dust off;to beat the living shit out of somebody;another hardcore term for rough sex
"last night I beat the brakes off of Wendy."
"Larry beat the brakes off that nigga at the party!"
by MFS September 18, 2005
To beat someone down so badly that they are unable to stop themselves from stumbling around like an idiot. (Like they do not have brakes.)
Sasha stumbled straight into a wall because Chris beat the brakes off of him.
by Fast Hands December 02, 2009
To really fuck somebody up. F/ Blackus Americanus Alley Mechanicosus (Have you ever seen someone try to get old brakes off of a vehicle? Then you understand the term)
Damn!! He beat the brakes off that fool. Oh well
by Ben Munchen January 04, 2006
1.) To hurt or fuck someone up real bad. Often followed with the word "off".
Also see beat the black
"Yeah that bitch stepped out of line. So you know I had to beat the brakes off her has.."
by Brittany_notyourgirl August 27, 2005
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