a whipping. to be assaulted.
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
To put a good roasting on some marijuana!
Hey the boss just called in sick...

Ok, BEATDOWN behind the dumpster!!!
by ONLYFEWKNOW January 18, 2008
The beating of someone with your dick.
I just beat down Stacy.
by Nicky Gizzle June 10, 2007
the act of torturing an athlete, famous musician, movie star or other well known types with questions that inevitably have been asked a billion times or more. Especially annoying the person during dinner at a restaurant or some such
I cant believe George gave such a beatdown to Troy Aikman by asking him stupid ass football questions while the man was trying to have a beer at the bar.
by glenn1907 July 13, 2008
A double digit loss in Basketball. A 2 touchdown loss in football. Also what happens when the PennLive chipmonks tangle with snike.
StJoes beat PSU by 12 points, man that was a beatdown. SCtowny recieved another beatdown from Snike today.
by Hoop Junky January 31, 2008
A word us Essex Boyz learned from a bunch of lads from Preston, Chester and Notts, as well as some Geordies who burned everything and some scousers, while on holiday in Newquay, Cornwall on the sunny rosecliston camp! Means to pick on/beat up one person with your mates, so you all agree to "beatdown" on one kid (usually the drunk one ((sandy)) )
"Sandy is acting so pissed after only 3 beers"

"Yeah, lets give him a good Beatdown!!"
by The Honeymonster August 21, 2006
To masturbate (jack off)
I just beat down to this porno last night.
by Boonopolis February 02, 2005

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