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Stands for On-board Diagnostic. It is an electronic interface used on cars to gain access to the codes stored in the engine management computer. From the late 1980s until about 1995 or so, OBD was the industry standard. Since then, OBDII has been the common diagnostic interface.
You have to use a scanner tool to hook up to your OBD port.
by eyeheartboobs December 14, 2004
Short for Oregon Butt Disease, an affliction of girls who live in the state. Caused by the persistent rain, driving them into coffee shops and bars and away from any physical activity.
Your sister really caught a bad case of OBD during her freshman year at the University of Oregon.
by BroDoggyDog February 19, 2009
O.B.D. Also known as "Operation: Bad Decisions". When a group of people know things are going to take a turn for the worse, they deem the occasion "O.B.D".
After a night of drinking, they called an O.B.D. and decided to make prank phone calls.

Tonight, we O.B.D.
by rocknro27 May 07, 2011
Over-Botoxed. The practice of injecting Botox into one's face for extended periods of time to an extreme degree until an "otherworldly" appearance of a wax figurine is achieved.

Franz is in his fifties, but his forehead is as smooth as glass. When he smiles, none of the muscles move but his mouth. I'd say he seriously OB'd.
by hawaiitalent December 19, 2008
Obsessive-Boy-Disorder. Usually occurs when a girl develops strong feelings for a boy which he does not return and so she obsessively pursues him until the feelings are returned. Sadly enough, 99% of the time, the feelings will never be returned.
Susan: " You know, Matt is in Mammoth right now but his Facebook status says he gets back Sunday. I bet you he'll be skating at the park right when he gets back. We should totally just casually chill at the park on Sunday so we can run into him.
Jennifer: "You've officially gone OBD."
Susan:"....Ya....I know...."
by sardinatalksalot August 17, 2010
To be royally screwed over; just when you think a very bad situation cannot get any worse - it does; a conclusion to a bad situation where the second and third order effects include loss of pride and manhood, etc.; a situation where one gets completely fucked over and all you can do is laugh and mutter under your breath, "FML" or something equivalent to that degree.

Word origin: coined after a man who has very bad luck
Example 1:
Jeff: So, I just got back from a deployment, and my wife left me.
John: That's terrible.
Jeff: Yeah, I know. She became a lesbian and left me for another woman. She also cheated on me with other women while I was deployed.
John: Dude, you got O-B'd!!!

Example 2:
Jeff: All the money in my bank account is gone!
Chad: Dude, that sucks.
Jeff: On top of that, I think someone stole my identity and opened up a few credit card accounts!
Chad: O-B'd again, Jeff.

Example 3:
Jeff: My parents just bought me a piano for my birthday. It was pretty cool at first.
Celest: Wow, that's thoughtful.
Jeff: Yes, but when I checked my bank account, there was a couple thousand dollars missing. Then I realized parents used my money to get me that piano!
Celest: You got O-B'd!
by Jenkem410 August 20, 2010
Acronym for Overgrown Bush Disorder. Referring to anyone who has pubes that are overgrown. *Hairy genitals*
I think Joe may have OBD.
by Rah-Rah-Rah July 22, 2008
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