Top Definition
1. one who is addicted to buying vinyl (records)
2. a band whose members are all addicted to buying vinyl
1. "That guy is always at the record store. He's a real beat junkie"
2. "Did you hear that new ish from the Beat Junkies?"
by presto March 21, 2003
1. A person (often female) who feels music in their heart and soul so intensely that they cannot help but move their body to the rhythm.

2. One who cannot live without music.
"Your girl is such a beat junkie, she started movin' her hips at the funeral when the slideshow started playin'."
by TheMightyAfro April 07, 2008
A person who is hates any music containing lyrics, and instead is more into the actual beats of music.
cheesy lyrics, cool beat.
by Shweet August 03, 2003
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