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Whilst having sex, if your penis is large enough, you push the cervix into the belly, to where it feels (to her) that her intestines (or "guts") are being "beatin' in"
I love to beat guts until they complain about cervical pains.
by Adamn! August 04, 2006
to perform sexual intercourse. when you are fuckin shit so hard your guts aare beatin together
shit i beat guts with that beezy last night!
by Johnathan February 24, 2005
To have sexual intercourse
My girlfriend and I beat guts last night
by 45Jordan23 April 19, 2006
to have sex
Yea did you beat guts today?

Are you beating guts right now?

I beat her guts today.

Wanna beat guts ?
by thehomegirl August 07, 2009
fucking aka smacking bellies aka doing the wild nasty aka making the beast with 2 backs aka fucking.
i'm taking this bitch out tonight, and by 12:30 I plan on beating guts
by Gabrielle February 18, 2005
Alright... This is how the game goes. I womens vagina is about 4 to 5 inches long. This means if your penis happens to be longer then 5 inches you end up in a womens internal organs.
1. Did you beat guts.

2. Jacks Boi - "Dam jack herd u beat guts?"
Jack - "Whos guts?"
Jacks Boi - "Jills son?"
All da sudden... THE ROOM GOES QUIET... Jill walks in the room with a disturbing look on her face, holding her stomach....
Jacks Boi - "4sho"
by Rich - Justin - Teddy June 28, 2008
To relate to a sexual act;to want to perform(or have done) a sexual act with someone.
Matt:man I saw this girl walking down the streets and I wanted to beat guts.
Mike:Dude,that was your mom.
by Matty_Tamytx July 16, 2008