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To have sexual itercoure with an animal.
Yo man I just had sex with a squirell......and a horse.....and a lama....and a hampster and a dog and a cat and a parrot and a dinosaur and a kangaroo and a wolf and an owl and a fish and an electric ell and a wildabeest and snapping turtle and an eagle and an earth worm and a rhino and a hippo and an elephant and a dragon and a snake and a chinchilla and crab and an oyster and a sheep and a porcupine and a frog and cow and a chicken and a panda bear and a kamodo dragon and a blue whale and a mouse and a chipmunk and a whale shark and a wild boar and a platypus. Wow, I love animals. I am also a PETA member. I LOVE BEASTUALITY!!!!!!
by Pubes567 December 01, 2006

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