Top Definition
1. Partaking in sexual intercourse
2. To make use of something in a patently fiendish manner
1. Nash and Sarah were beastin' it last night; they call him the magician.

2. Jessica: Where is my Chinese food?
Peter: Oh, I'm beastin' it right now.
Jessica: You drunk-ass fiend!
by Playa N May 25, 2006
when someone or a group of people do exceptionally well at something
Joe: Did you see the football team last night? They beat the Crusaders 45-0!!
Bob: Yeah, they were really beastin' it!!
by BHwkn2a March 12, 2009
When u in ur car and u go full throttle
This guy wanted to race me so i just started beastin' It and beat his ass!
by AndyFnJones July 21, 2006
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