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1. the opposite of beautify;

to make appear ugly or beastly

2. to severely damage
He would beastify himself with excessive weight-training and steroids.

She was beastified by years of plastic surgery.

His affliction caused the gradual beastification of his body.

by Lee Kin Yip Tsang April 02, 2006
Pronunciation (bees-tuh-fahy)

–verb (used with object), verb (used without object), -fied, -fy;ing.
to make or become beast.

To beastify is to beast, or do something Beasting.
To beast it up.
To take part in or initiate an act of beastification.
I went to see Dream Theater last night, they beastify!

Jeff Loomis just beastified a 128th note seven string sweep arpeggio!
by ChunkyMonkey9 October 07, 2006