A hopped up car or truck once belonging to any young male baby boomer living in the Midwestern portion of the United States in the 1960's through the early 80's. The Beast could be any new or old car or truck with no less than a V-8 engine with fancy wheels and tires, capable of burning plenty of rubber. Commonly referred to as "The Beast or My Beast", many old baby boomers still use this eye-rolling term today when discussing their vehicles in front of their kids, especially when they tell them it's time to buy new "hooves" for The Beast.
I'm taking My Beast out for a spin around the block.
by dmar239 March 23, 2013
A monsterous man named Shawn, that dominates at all sports.
The Beast
by Gangster BoB March 16, 2009
Someone who is absolutely the greatest at something, or something that is cool. Can also mean something that looks very awesome.
Jack is so fuckin' beast.

That car is beast!

That trick you did was beast.
by Fenix Bright March 02, 2009
n. a person or thing possessing outstanding, awesome and intense skills

adj. being or acting as possessing outstanding, awesome and intense skills
n. He is a beast at running!

adj. Wow, did you see that goal she scored? That was so beast!
by sunnshinegrl0028 February 11, 2009
to be really good at something
"your a beast at basketball"
by Sam Seinfeld February 10, 2009
Michael Phelps
Oh my god, did she just do that? Whata beast
by sonnnnyy February 07, 2009
An extreme amount of coolness, the cool cat, a tank. Or just a hottie.
Someone that is well liked. "Look at that beast of a girl going into the store". The beast means here that she is hot.
by idkkkf December 08, 2008
to completely own or control the musicical stand point of electro. usually referring to the band 'Generic!'.
Have you heard their stuff? They're so BEAST!

by Generic's # 1 fan October 20, 2008

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