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Going into beast mode, and getting crazy and aggressive.
I'm gonna beast out in football practice today.
by lords,mofo August 11, 2005
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To devour (as in food); to complete something in its entirety and whoop its ass.
"Man, I was so hungry earlier that I totally beasted out on an entire pizza."
"Oh, that History test? I beasted out on that thing; I know I got an A."
by Kaity144 May 03, 2005
The always manly over exaggeration of a night's events...often there are no witnesses to back up said beasting out. People who tell fictitious beast out stories must always be called out.
when asked what a friend did last night, friend replies with beast out: "I shot-gunned 14 beers, but I was cool to drive. I hopped in my wrangler and said fuck roads...I drove through the protected indian reserve while tripping on the acid I just had taken. After I evaded the feds I went to my friends house she had a friend over, we had a three-some, no biggie, typical wednesday."
by MKerns February 11, 2011

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