When a red headed woman forgets to shave her vagina for a few days and a man rubs his face on the now grown in stubble of a beard.
Yo man, I tamed Sherry's bearded dragon last night and now my face burns.
by Dragon Slayer 69 July 10, 2008
A cock that has lots of hair on its underside right below the tip.
Jack: Did you hear about Max?

Alex: No, what happened?

Jack: Aleisha was about to suck him off until he pulled out his bearded-dragon, then she bolted!

Alex: Hahaa, oh man, I've always told him his ecessive body hair would hold him back one day...
by BeachBoi July 13, 2010
When having oral sex with a woman, grab her head as you blow so that all the sperm goes in, this should result in some running out of her nose, making hear resemble a chinese bearded dragon
Billy "I grabbed that bitches head and blew in her mouth till she looked like a bearded dragon!"
by bunse July 09, 2009
a drink consisting of 1 part rum, 2 parts tequila, 3 parts
lemon juice, 3 parts lime juice, and 1/2 part of jalapeno juice.
hey bartender, can i get two bearded dragons on the rocks.
by Joe Tricna December 05, 2007
An ass hole with an exceptional amount of curly ass hair surrounding it.
I was going to do stuff to Suzie's butt, but then I realized she had a bearded dragon.
by tyler_t_casey June 07, 2011
when a man forcefully opens the mouth of anything and gives one violent bone shattering thrust into the throat of the victim.
dude, i bearded dragoned the old lady across the street with such force i threw out her hip!
by nigger bitch boob July 01, 2010
After receiving a blowjob you jizz on the girls face and immediately shave your pubical hairs on her face, essentially giving her a beard.
Bro, I just gave your sister a Bearded Dragon last night
by -[SexDragon]- January 29, 2010

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