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a furry snatch
boys have penises, girls have bearded axe wounds.
by trevor March 09, 2003
66 21
A fun word for the unshaven female genitalia.
That Hannah girl has one gaping bearded axe wound. Okay, it's not bearded, but boy is it gaping!
by Gin Shampoo December 25, 2006
45 10
Another name for a vagina
"I took her home and shaved around her bearded axe wound."
by Sadistic1jj August 22, 2009
16 5
A bloody, furry, vagina.
Sloane had started her period, and had not gotten her beaver waxed in over one year. She didn't shower regularily, and what became of her pubic hair was a bloody mess, clots of blood and hair. Her downstairs was more like a bearded axe wound than anything female.
by Corrie McNulty September 02, 2008
19 10
Another name for a nasty lookin vagina.
Look at the nasty bearded axe wound.
by Eric Beckett October 07, 2007
18 9