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One who pretends to fuck a bear to get the police's attention (as seen in the movie Super Troopers).
"Excuse me...bear....BEAR FUCKER! Do you need assistance?"
by Mister Hat April 12, 2007
A russian whore, or just a russian person, came from the idea that Catherine the Great (czarina of Russia) dabbled in beastiality.

Usually used among people who have ancestors from countries that were once ruled by the Russians, like Poland (almost all polish grandmothers/fathers will tell their grandchildren and children to "never trust a russian").
Jane: What's that girls name?
Anne: Tatiana.
Jane: Is she Russian?
Anne: Of course.
Jane: What a dirty bear fucker.
by debauchery123 November 14, 2009
an alcoholic avalanche that will bring utter chaos to you and everyone around you. its pretty much bad ass......
an irish car bomb followed immediately by a minderaser (both must be downed with serious speed)
take one bear fucker and you dance with a fat chick. take two bear fuckers and youll throw up on a fat chick. take three bear fuckers and youll throw up in the drunk tank
by bigwillystylesallinit November 30, 2009
gay person who likes to have sex with men fat and / or hairy
John is a bear fucker because he has sex with that man so fat
by Mr.GayBear June 07, 2011
This guy named Cody, with two first names, who loves to fuck fat chicks while they roar.
Man that fuckin bear fucker kept me up all night looking for salmon to entice these bitches.
by Coody Cooter February 28, 2008
a guy who hooks up with ugly fat chicks and thinks he is a cool guy, when in reality, he is just a tool.
Damn, that cody sure is a bear fucker!
by downinsd December 13, 2007
A person who is known for messing things up such as plans in video games in an unimaginable way.
(While playing Halo3)
Will: I got bear fucker on my team.
Dillon: Im the only one on our team.
Will: You just blew up our mongoose
Dillon: I dont know how i shot at the enemy.
Will: You just killed us and lost the game
by Bear243 July 22, 2010
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