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a baby (or adolescent) mexican
Angry white man #1: Look at that damn beaner drawing his dag'gun graffiti all over my wall

Angry white man #2: He ain't no beaner, he's a beansprout
by chrisp858 March 23, 2008
This is what you call a penis.
UGH, this dude keeps blowin up my girl's phone wit pictures of his beansprout!
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011
When you get an errection (usually after waking up) and the tip of your penis pokes through the front of your pants, underwear, or both.
today when i woke up my morning wood ended up being a massive bean sprout.

it was so awkward when my mom woke me up today, i had an awful bean sprout.
by BeefyCarrot October 18, 2011
A term used to describe the offspring of a beaner (mexican). If the baby mexican is not killed in a gang related shooting he may one day grow up to be a full fledged "beaner" and pick tomatoes too, and maybe even end up carjacking you at gunpoint sometime.
Damn Bean sprouts keep asking me for spare change, thay should all be deported to wherever the hell they swam here from!
by BMF1992 May 05, 2009
/ been-sprōut /

1. Annoying Mexican children who are commonly up to no good.

2. A tasty crispy vegetable commonly eaten with phó.
"Hey John go clean up isle five a pack of Bean-sprouts just wreaked it again."

"Hey beaner tell your bean-sprouts to get the h*11 out of my yard."
by AntonymsHater September 01, 2013
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