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A portmanteau of "Beaner" and "English." This is the hard to distinguish English spoken by many Hispanic immigrants who can speak some English, but with a heavy accent.
I couldn't understand the Beanglish coming out of the janitor's mouth.
by seans April 19, 2007
Showing no regard for grammar and punctuation when posting in online forums. Usually takes more than 2 times to read through and decipher the intent of the post.
Wtf did you just say are you typeing beanglish
by Ryan September 18, 2004
The mis placement of letters in the middle of a word, also a non- punctuated sentance.
hi guys whtas with all teh new membres in the forums its niec to see more peopel joinign our srever
by Dyno Dan* December 24, 2004
A lenguage created by 'Shellie Bean', 'sort of' metalhead who loves to playes video games. Beanglish has originated from English, where some words need a 'cute' and 'happy' voice to pronounce the word correctly.
In Beanglish, Penguin is not Penguin. It is 'Pangin'
by <3 Vicki Lynn <3 December 24, 2008
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