Plaza Mexico ...located in the heart of Lynwood CA. Every mexican Family is found there every weekend... and every one is there with their great grandmama and so on... the whole frijolito fam. is it resembles Mexico so every one that can't go back goes to a mexican theme plaza owned by koreans... yup... also all the under aged mexican white washed ravers go there on sundays to shuffle..
chika1:hey foo lets go to Plaza

chika: for what foo?

chika1: i met this guy on facebook imma meet him there

chika2:is he taking a friend for me?

chika1:yeah foo DT!!

chika2: in her head...oh no wak ass beanerville this bitch dont meet no where else but beanerville
by MEXIWOOD December 06, 2010
Top Definition
A place where mexicans reside
Berto and I went to beanerville on vacation (East L.A., Barstow, CA)
by VWDave October 16, 2007
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