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mexican white, those that still look spanish decent, non oriental eyes. Must have head height twice as long as head width, round eyes, thin lips with a caucasian body structure, typically.If any light complexion mexican has a sibling that is Indian or heavy brown pigmentation, chances are that you are not considered white and may even consider mexican white to have a different view and ethnicity than a light skin mexican.
Mexican whites are in the same race as those of the southern europeans and in the same race name, "caucasian" as those of the rest of the european region, from scandanavia to Armenia and to North Africa.
by willi3 September 27, 2006
Mexican Whites: those people whom are not mixed with Indian or do not show to much Mexican Indian mix. Usually still white if they have non-oriental eyes, non-stocky body structure and usually not short in height, those who do are usually referred to as a light skin hispanic or light skin Mexican. Mexican whites are in the same race name as those of the rest of the european region, even though variation may exist.

(1)Is he Mexican? well it to hard to tell, since he doesn't show to much sign of Indian mix.
(2)Ya, you can tell he's mexican because he shows sign of Indian,that other guy you can't tell, he's just a white guy or just a mexican white.
by san Juan 21 May 03, 2007
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