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--when a girl either unknowingly or intentionally provides a direct visual of her nani, vagina, pussy, cunt, bean!
--beanshots are visible when females wear short dresses, skirts or bikinis. most famous beanshots: picks of paris hilton/ lyndsay lohan gettin out of car. those two haole gurls are straight up skanks.
adam: ho bullay!
nick: what you fakah!
adam: bah! get plenty good kine bean shots tonite! cheee hee!
nick: U NO DAT! Alyssa was givin one mean bean shot earlier!
adam: yah bah dat fawka was mean, get white panites cheee!
by nickvdub December 25, 2007
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The upskirt view of a girl's panties or, less common, her pantyless vag. In general the girl being viewed is unaware.
I just got a beanshot off that schoolgirl on the escalator.

If she had bent over a little more, I could have gotten a beanshot.
by Tex As October 28, 2005
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When you are in your robe, and only your robe, spread your legs directly at someone and say, "BEAN SHOT!"
"Lacey gives the best bean shots."
by Tim Kershner January 10, 2007
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A bean shot is to shoot somebody in the head in anysort of video game
Shooting somebody in the head a "bean shot" or you can say "he just bot bean shotted" and "shot in the bean"
Playing csgo

Dan: one guys mid
Jakob: don't worry mate just bean shorted him
by Madethisnamewhileshitting January 02, 2017
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